Beach Skirt

A beach skirt is an alternative style to wear when you just don’t feel like wearing the typical bikini brief, string bikini bottom or any other skimpy bikini style. Sometimes, a girl just wants a little more coverage while out at the beach and a beach skirt provides just that. The beach skirt style is usually designed as a bikini brief with an attached skirt that covers it. The length of the skirt varies from style to style, but it usually provides ample coverage of the rear plus the tops of the thighs. Some styles come with a skirt that you have the option of slipping on or off, depending on whether you feel like wearing it. There are also faux-skirt styles that provide the relatively same amount of coverage but without looking like a flowing skirt. These styles look much like boy shorts and are comfortable ways to stay covered up from the sun.

A skirt is a great cover up option to wear to the beach. They’re easy to slip on and off, and are usually less of a hassle than shorts.  The denim mini skirt never fails at the beach. These little things pack a lot of style and are a simple way to cover up your bikini bottoms if you need to. If you’d like a skirt made of lighter fabric, there are materials like jersey. They’re light, airy and always flutter in the breeze. If you want a longer option, the sarong is a skirt-like option to consider. The sarong comes in many styles and variations but the original look was floor-length and tied at the waist. They’re usually made of cotton and can be tied in multiple ways but usually women opt to wear them in a way that creates a sexy slit up the side.  This way you get to show some leg as the sarong billows out behind you.

beach skirt